Temperature graphs

In a previous article we looked at remote measurement of temperature and humidity. Now it is time to show the results of the temperature measurements. First a recap of the setup:

Three remote temperature and humidity sensors are located in the living room, the garage and outside. The following graph shows the output of about 1 week:

As you can see, the garage is not isolated very well. The temperature in the garage is quite similar to the temperature outside. If the weather predictions are correct, we will see temperatures below 0 degrees centigrade soon. Finally a test for the parsing of negative values!

Luckily, the isolation of the living room is much better than that of the garage. During the night the temperature drops only 2 degrees from 20 to 18, even though the thermostat is programmed to keep the temperature above 15 degrees. The spikes to about 25 degrees are a result of the placement of the sensor in the living room: early in the afternoon, the sun sometimes shines directly on it.

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1 Response to Temperature graphs

  1. Christian says:

    Ah Cool! Ah this way, you can parse the resulting graphs and count the year’s days of sun too! :)

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