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Building platform-aware docker images from a single Dockerfile on Gitlab CI/CD

In this post I will explain how to build and push images for different platforms using a single Dockerfile and how to create a multi-platform manifest that allows Docker client to automatically pull and run the correct image for the … Continue reading

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Streaming audio between browsers with WebRTC and WebAudio

UPDATE (November 10, 2013): the demo page is up and running again. As an experiment I wanted to try if it is possible to stream music files from one browser to another using WebRTC. This post describes how to achieve … Continue reading

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XMPP Service Discovery extensions for M2M and IoT

Within the Webinos project we have investigated if we could use XMPP as the signalling protocol. Although it was decided by the Webinos project not to use XMPP in Webinos we believe we’ve made some interesting observations and solutions for … Continue reading

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Installing a Storm cluster on CentOS hosts

Storm is a distributed, realtime computation system to reliably process unbounded streams of data. The following picture shows how data is processed in Storm: This tutorial will show you how to install Storm on a cluster of CentOS hosts. A … Continue reading

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Installing Apache Libcloud on CentOS

Apache Libcloud is a standard Python library that abstracts away differences among multiple cloud provider APIs. At the moment it can be used to manage four different kinds of cloud services: servers, storage, loadbalancers and DNS. Here are the steps … Continue reading

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Building applications for health devices with Antidote and NodeJS

In this post I will explain how to build health apps that use Continua Health Alliance certified health devices with NodeJS. To communicate with these devices I am using the D-Bus health service from the open source Antidote IEEE 11073 stack … Continue reading

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Wirelessly control an Arduino with NodeJS over Bluetooth

I wanted to control my Arduino via Bluetooth using NodeJS but I could not find a Node module to do it. That is why I decided to build my own. This post describes how to use it. Arduino setup First, lets … Continue reading

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