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Streaming audio between browsers with WebRTC and WebAudio

UPDATE (November 22, 2022): the demo page has moved from heroku to deno and is up and running again. As an experiment I wanted to try if it is possible to stream music files from one browser to another using … Continue reading

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XMPP Service Discovery extensions for M2M and IoT

Within the Webinos project we have investigated if we could use XMPP as the signalling protocol. Although it was decided by the Webinos project not to use XMPP in Webinos we believe we’ve made some interesting observations and solutions for … Continue reading

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Update on the TUMe protocol

Yesterday I did a writeup of my first impressions on the TUMe protocol. Today I want to give some more details about the JSON over HTTPS part of the protocol. TUMe┬ádefinitively uses SIP for┬ásignaling. The JSON protocol is used for … Continue reading

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First analysis of the TUMe protocol

*UPDATE* more on the JSON part of the protocol. Today Telefonica release the TUMe App. With this App you can text, talk and share for free. Telefonica launches this as Telco-OTT style. I won’t go into details about the TUMe … Continue reading

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